Toilets & Sanitation

Toilets and Sanitation


Behind the glamour and luxury of Bali’s tourism industry, many people have no access to clean water and basic sanitation, both in rural and urban areas. WC and hand washing facilities are sometimes available but not maintained to any sanitary standard. Hygiene and attractive surroundings need attention; using rivers and backyards for common facilities in villages needs our attention. The health of our artisans and their families have been improved through Mitra Bali’s sanitation fund. We have constructed clean water supplies and functional toilets in their villages.

Furthermore, we emphasized the culture of cleanliness by building toilet and sanitation facilities for some of our artisans in their homes so that they and their extended families no longer randomly relieve themselves in rivers and backyards. The source of this damage of unawareness, endangering health and the environment is Bali government funding tourist luxuries instead of actually helping create a cleaner, more beautiful Bali. Remember, “A Great Nation begins with Great Sanitation!”